Saturday, August 8, 2009

Building next P 40, PSYCHED

Man I love this plane. Just started building my 2nd one today after work..the one pictured has been through the wringer, there is really nothing wrong with it other than they no longer sell the mount i need to make it work. There are two stick positions possible, i used the top position on this one which was fine, i also drilled out the other position to get more airflow around the esc. Now that i can not get the mount i need the second position is my next choice well it's gone i drilled it out, and making a firewall requires a lot of modification. I cannot stand it any longer so here comes the new one..I'm thinking that i'll paint it like the AVG FLYING TIGERS..the new one will be using the same motor only less KV, this will allow me to swing a 10/6 prop again without burning up my esc, also this time 40a esc..this thing smokes on that set up, i'll be able to fly 10 + minutes with some throttle management, this bird flys much more scale at half throttle. Totally psyched to get a P 40 back in the air..

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