Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hit the Sweet Spot with my T 6

I Love my T 6. Seriously 15 min plus flight times. My setup is 450 class motor the low kv version spinning a 10 6 or 9 6 prop, with a 32 A ESC and a 2100 TP lipo. It's so stable and she'll do anything, I have been practicing cuban eights, and trying to learn some more aerobatics, warbird style. I get my electronics from heads up rc, 2$ shipping from right here in the USA, the prices are the lowest I have found, and believe it I have looked. My next T6 will be EPO. Also I am going to paint it just like my Grandfather's. Lately I have been thinking about the sonic combat modules, or just the old fashioned ribbon style combat. I am ready to fight. I can't shut up about the flight times. The plane weighs about 10 oz. less than my EPO P 40. I also fly at half throttle most of the time to keep it looking scale. This must be the winning combination. Those factors and flying behaviors all coming together perfectly to get the most out of my equipment. I can't wait to shoot some more video. The last videos were all done on the same windy day. Really excited about better video and more aerobatics. I intend on doing a mini airshow routine with borrowed narration. You tube search Bill Leff's T6 and you will see what I am talking about. Also following GWS T 6 thread A Classic from the past on RC groups. RAMZ over and out Google gws t6 and it is the second listing for RC GROUPS

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